Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Site Location!

As promised, I have moved my Hits of the 1970s website from its old location on Geocities to a new server. The new address is http://www.hitsofthe1970s.com and it's already up and running as of today. Since Geocities will be closing down on October 21, the site is still being found there in order to keep any old links to it from being broken.

Now that I've moved the site to a larger server, there will be some additions in the future. New content will be arriving as soon as I can get them written, a new design may be in store and I'm investigating the possibility of making pages devoted specifically to artists. As it is now, if you want to see The Rolling Stones' info you need to go to the page for the letter R and scroll down until you get to the right place; if you want to see their hit LPs you have to click on a different link and wait again. With artist pages, you'll have a separate URL for the Stones, one that will have all their info available.

Finally, once I begin doing pages devoted to artists, I'll also be offering sponsorships. If you're a fan of an artist and would like to help keep the site going, you'll be able to run your banner on the page of your choice. I'll update my progress on this blog as I work out the details.

Back to the reviews...

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