Monday, November 17, 2008

New Site Features

After nearly a decade since building my website, I've decided to add some extras to the content. I've been (slowly) adding links to Amazon and iTunes to allow users to get many of the songs in their collections...and hopefully any proceeds that will help build the site for thr future.

Soon, I should also be adding LP chart information in the next few weeks. The idea is to provide links to Amazon (or other sites) to as many LPs from the 1970s as possible. Right now, I'm still trying to decide whether I want to add LP info to the artist listings as they are, or if I want to build a different section entirely for the LP info and link between the single and LP portions. If anybody has any helpful advice about this, please let me know.

In the future...I might consider adding chart info for country and R&B, which would make the site a very complete reference for 70s audiophiles. Again, I'll need to determine whether the site will need to be integrated or sectioned off and linked together. Finally, if the site begins to turn a decent profit...I'll see about moving away from the free Geocities server and finding a host that can provide greater bandwidth and versatility.

My other idea is to find a way of linking artist info as a pop-up when clicked (probably a JavaScript function), as opposed to simply linking away from the site to Yahoo!Music or Wikipedia. Again, if there are any experts out there who know of a service, I'm all ears.

So please...excuse the dust. I'm renovating the site to make it easier to use and more likely to become a first stop for music lovers who want to get the most complete info about 1970s music as possible.

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